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I'm surprised that you don't mention Total Recall in your description of Verhoeven's movies. Was that omission intentional? It seems a logical point of comparison to Robocop for a number of reasons, even if you don't like it as much as I do. Otherwise, nice write-up.

Gordon Cameron

Hi, thanks for your comment! The omission of Total Recall was indeed a slip of the mind -- I'd agree that it's a good one to compare with Robocop, along with Starship Troopers. I confess I'm not a fan of Total Recall, though it has its moments, and might merit another viewing, as I haven't seen it in many years.

I've got some more Robocop analysis coming soon, so be sure to check back!


I thought as much, since you were so specific in your references to the other films. Keep up the good work.


I love this feature Gordon. Your breakdown here is superb. I'm itching to jump on Netflix and just watch this part, but I haven't seen the film in so long I'm gonna hold off and watch the whole thing when I get a chance.

I look forward to you doing more of these.

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I confess I'm not a fan of Total Recall, though it has its moments, and might merit another viewing


The omission of Total Recall was indeed a slip of the mind


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Does it have to be campy though? The oriagnil was campy and that's what I disliked so much about it. The actual book is a classic cornerstone of Sci-Fi in my opinion, and I don't think the book is campy at all. It's just a little dated in style because of when it was written. Although I guess it's possible that people in the future will talk like it's the 50s still .


the 1987 movie Robocop, one of Kurtwood Smith’s finest roles, have been pneotiiting the city to build a RoboCop statue in honor of the movie. The movie was set in the near future when crime was rampant in the city and


The 1991 series shwoed up in two sporadic waves, which was an odd change after a decade of 24-month long releases, but every character turned out to be a winner. It was the last great year of the line for me. As for the figure, I always liked the '86 version of Sci-Fi and wished his helmet had been removable, so this was a welcome move on Hasbro's part. I could see the '91 body doubling for Flash as well since there are resemblances. The weapons are his only weak spot. This was also the start of the spring-loaded missile launcher era, but at least Sci-Fi didn't get stuck with one of the bulkier ones found on most Battle Corps figures later on.


Funny that you should find Total Recall worth withcang. I think I've watched it several times which means it works for me. The final scenes are a bit ridiculous but the so is the entire story! Robocop was great fun when it came out and even the sequel wasn't too bad (perhaps becuase they did the outside shots in Houston so I could say I know where that is! to anyone who would listen).But Basic Instinct is the best of all and not because of Sharon Stone or Michael Douglas but because of the supporting roles each and every one a memorable piece of the puzzle.


I have NEVER seen the opening to this movie! I alawys thought it started with Russell in the truck. When it started I thought this was a director's cut. This movie is so fleshed out with multiple storylines going on it feels very kinetic. Gang tensions, mythology seem correct which makes this film feel meaty and somewhat grounded in Hollywood reality. I'm not sure how deliberate the dialog is supposed to be but unlike truly horrible scripts (looking at you, Flash) the dialog worked among itself. It's not flowing conversation but it seems imperative to the way the movie unfolds.I'm halfway there with you, Ibbott; Kim Cattrall, somewhere in the 90s, took a turn for me. I LOVED her in this movie and others at this time (*ahem* Mannequin *ahem*).Randy, it was a trucker's mullet, totally. Also, it's a TEC 9 not an MP4 (which I think you meant an MP5) that Burton carries. The TEC DC-9 is a semiautomatic pistol (automatically reloads, but will only fire one round per trigger pull).Comment on the brake trope: in Quantum of Solace, James Bond jumps out of a window onto a bus to reach the building on the other side. He needs the bus to stop to reach the other side and the driver does indeed lay on the brakes, like a normal person would do when something hits him/her.Watching Flash Gordon, when they ripped off the glasses of the one (with the wires sprouting out of the eye sockets) and they all shorted out and died, they fell over one by one it reminded me of the Buddhas in this film.For years I thought this was based in China which made me wonder how/why Burton was there (moreso, how was his truck there?!). Because of that, since China is huge, I thought the title was a play on how epic the trouble was. After realizing it was Chinatown it made the story much more interesting. This is a tale of gods and curses, mythology and martial arts. And it all happens in a tiny burg in California. I find it a nice melding of ancient and current (clearly represented by Burton) ideologies. The movie has alawys stuck out to me, as far as the romance goes, that the guy doesn't end up with the girl. It leaves a wanting from the viewers but it does show a bit of chivalry from ol' Jack Burton.Also, I from time to time put a laundry basket on my head while washing and pretend I'm one of the Three Storms. Cue the 80s lightning!


Sorry guys, but I feel like this one kind of went over your heads. Maybe I'm way off base, but I'd always inretpreted the film as being intentionally and very obviously campy. In particular, Jack Burton's caricature of the unstoppable action movie hero was brilliant.My feeling was the one good thing he does with the knife throw was total luck. He constantly blusters because he's got this image of himself as this old school badass, but when he tries to be a hero, he sucks at almost every thing he attempts to do. He's so self-absorbed, he doesn't realize other more talented people have to constantly carry his stupid ass.Another thing, the werewolf creature and exploding guy were just more ways to throw off the viewer's expectations. You see the werewolf and think it's going to be some sort of killing machine, yet it's primary act is to repeatedly run away. With the bodyguard, he runs in and sees dead Lo Pan and you think, Oh man, he is going to just go nuts on Jack. Instead he temper tantrums himself to death and explodes into harmless garbage.@ Randy Man, I thought it was pretty over the top to say that John Carpenter's body of work is essentially a pile of shit, whether the statement was meant in jest or not. I don't know what your list of favorite films consists of, but the more I listen to Film Sack, the less I think you actually enjoy watching films.


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I agree with Nizman above and hail Mr. James Hong. He's like the living hisrtoy of filmed entertainment of the past 55 years- he has Godzilla: King of Monsters , Chinatown ( Mrs Mulray no home'), the original In-Laws (very Sack-worthy btw), Kung Fu Panda , and he was in just about everything on tv since 1955 (230 tv credits in imdb alone). Thanks Film Sackers for recognizing his career. Great episode again.


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