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So why exactly am I throwing all this promosounding information at you? Because, yes, I am inspired and touched and disgusted all at once. I can not even wrap my mind around these events. Seriously, can you? Can you honestly sit there in your blessed glory and say oh yeah I can see exactly what that would feel like? I doubt it. In my mind, a child should never have to be exposed to such atrocities let alone be involved so directly. Yet this is a reality for these children, and I believe it is a human rights violation. They do not have a choice, they are forced into this life and many die trying to escape. I just felt that I should share this cause with you as I know I appreciate my childhood so much and i feel this is an amazing cause that deserves attention.
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"May I add a few facts to your masterful reconstruction?" I smarmed. He nodded condescendingly. "Orders for stationery are forwarded from the various departments to the central ordering room. Which sends it to the supplier. Who brings the ,supplies once a week." He leaned forward expectantly as I played out my story for all it was worth.

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would be driving down the tree-shaded rural road. The next instant a rock wall would appear just in front of the van. No time to think just hit the brakes by reflex.

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